Travel Rates

We love fixing technology at Direct2U. It something about making it work correctly bringing it to life or even back to life that gets us all tweeked.

Anyway we’re going need a little something to get 2U and back, so we’ve come up with some rates that would make it fair on the tech’s tank.

  1. All bouncing pins represent a dispatch or HQ for D2U. These areas make it possible for us to ensure D2U quality and care is provided to you the customer. If you should ever run into an issue please feel free to call the closest HQ office near you.
  2. The dollar values are calculated in accordance to the distance from the HQ in the service area closest to you. If there are 2 HQ’s within close proximity of each other. The HQ which is closest to you will provide the better rate unless the demand makes it impossible. Then the other HQ will  service you at the rate from their HQ.
    1. Basic rate for travel is $0.56 per mile.
      Our tech calculates that rate from HQ to your location.
    2. Each Map represents the rate from that HQ.
      Some rates have been pre-calculated.

If you have any questions feel free to message us. We will respond to you rapidly.

Northern Virginia

Southern Virginia

Atlanta, Georgia