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A $15 booking fee applies.
Please note all scheduled repairs are refundable if cancelled up to 24hrs prior to booked time slot.
Booking fees are applied credit toward $30 diagnosis fee, if you choose to have us to repair.

Choose an above option. What needs to be fixed or repaired?
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Great you can access the internet.

If you are using the computer / device that needs repair. Download this software now to give us remote access to your computer / device so that we may attempt to fix it over the internet.

Online Repair
online repair

Although you have downloaded and hopefully installed the remote repair software. Please continue filling out our form so that we may contact you. For faster contact call or text (recommended) 571-428-6609 so that we may service you as soon as possible.

Emergency Service Fee.

Please be aware there may be an additional $15.00 fee for service, due to time of service. If remote service is provided between the hours of 9:01pm and 9:59 am or when closed it is considered EMERGENCY SERVICE. (Additional $15)This fee does not apply to you if the help you are receiving is between 10am and closing on our regularly scheduled business days.

Does not apply toward booking fee.

example of waiver. ESFORR15

Your device details.

File size can not exceed 7MB.
File size can not exceed 7MB.